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Name: Viacheslav <contact>
Classes: 1
Country: Russian Federation Russian Federation
Age: 44
All time rank: 85832 in Russian Federation Russian Federation
Week rank: 55 Up5 in Russian Federation Russian Federation Up
All time users: 3740
Week users: 1
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Communicate with ICQ users
This class can be used to communicate with other ICQ users.

It can:

- Establish connections to an ICQ server using non-blocking sockets
- Authenticate as a given user
- Receive offline messages
- Send and receive messages
- Send contact authorization requests and acceptance messages
- Check invisible status
- Set the user status and status flags
- Manage contacts and receive contact user online status notifications
- Manage private user lists
- Get and set user information and password
- Search users by several criteria
- Register new user account
- Generate debug and error information
- Trigger connection events and execute event handling code
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All time: 75% 89% - - - - 46% 3216
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