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Name: Panfilov Konstantin <contact>
Classes: 1
Country: Russian Federation Russian Federation
Age: 47
All time rank: 326588 in Russian Federation Russian Federation
Week rank: 161 Up8 in Russian Federation Russian Federation Up
All time users: 500
Week users: 0
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Search a site with the mnogosearch PHP extension
This class can be used to search a search with the mnogosearch PHP extension.

It can execute searches using a given search query and retrieve a page of results.

The results are return as an array with all the occurrences of the specified results page.

Each occurrence is return as an array with a configurable list of matching page fields, like the URL, title, description and excerpt.

Several search parameters are configurable using a given INI file. Those parameters include database connection details, number of occurrences of per page and search results character set encoding.
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