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How the PHP Classes Marketplace Will Bring More Freedom and Pleasure to Many PHP Developers - 18 Minutes of the Lately in PHP Podcast Episode 89 part 4

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The PHP Classes site Marketplace will allow many PHP developers to sell their products and services to many users who visit the site.

This way, developers may work for themselves and the customers of their products and services. They will have more freedom and pleasure to be PHP developers.

The plan for the PHP Classes marketplace is one of the main topics commented on by Manuel Lemos and Mike Stowe of the NomadPHP fame in the fourth part of episode 89 of the Lately in PHP podcast.

Listen to the podcast, watch the video with manually edited subtitles in English, read the transcript to learn more about this exciting plan for the PHP Classes marketplace.

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Episode 89 Part 4 Video

Transcript of what was said in the podcast

List of Transcript Sections That You May Read Below

How the PHP Classes Marketplace Will Bring the Freedom and the Pleasure to Many PHP Developers that Will Sell Their Software Products and Services (1m 13s)

How Mike met Manuel in Person to Talk About the PHP Classes Marketplace (4m 12s)

The Benefits of NomadPHP as a Community to Learn PHP (8m 35s)
What the PHP Classes Marketplace is Going to Be (15m 18s)

The Actual Transcript

How the PHP Classes Marketplace Will Bring the Freedom and the Pleasure to Many PHP Developers that Will Sell Their Software Products and Services (1m 13s)

Getting back to the present and in the  near future, the PHP Classes site is going to launch the PHP Classes marketplace.

It's just an expansion of the current shopping section.

It needs a lot of work to improve at  least in a part of the peers. But the functionality is working since 2007 when it was started.

I have to give a shout out to my real employer who is sponsoring today's episode, so I don't get in trouble.

That is a quick thank you to RingCentral for sponsoring the Lately in PHP podcast.

If you have not heard of RingCentral, RingCentral offers full cloud communications, so we're talking messaging, video, phone in the cloud.

And they have a bunch of APIs that allow you to connect and build your own applications on top of their  RingCentral MVP platform.

So, definitely check them out at and the  developer platform at .

Getting back to the present and in the  near future, the PHP Classes site is going to launch the PHP Classes marketplace.

It's just an expansion of the current shopping section.

It needs a lot of work to improve at  least in a part of the peers. But the functionality is working since 2007 when it was started.

It was started to start selling premium subscriptions.

Premium subscriptions' main  benefits are to provide access to remote work jobs.

It was started a long time ago before the  pandemic and now remote jobs are a common thing.

Still there is a lot of demand for available  developers that are qualified. And those keywords are very important: available and qualified.

Available means that you are not busy on something else.

And qualified means that you have x years of experience.

Just recently a company has hired us to find developers to work on a  project that requires the use of the YII framework. I'm not sure if that's  the right way to spell it. But they are finding hard to find developers that have x years of experience.

So we try to find those developers from those that are in the site.

Maybe they are available or not.

Sometimes they are available but they don't like the way companies work.

They prefer to do their own code.

Then sometimes they are available in terms of time but they are not available in terms of capabilities.

So we are in a point to launch something that  hopefully will be big. I don't know how big.

I'll try I'm sure it won't be big soon.

It will be big over time because it's a common pattern of success. A success of what a business  although it's not as just a technical matter of programming because  programming exists just to serve the end business' purposes. So people do not program just because  they want to write programs that work. They program because that code is useful for some function.

Often companies hire you to make money in the end.

So in the middle they need to serve customers.

And customers are the most important people in a business because you are always trying to serve  customers. Customers need to attract more customers if they are in a business or they need to serve  personal needs and desires.

How Mike met Manuel in Person to Talk About the PHP Classes Marketplace (4m 12s)

Manuel Lemos: So back to Mike, I think it would be important to talk about the point that  we met and then what was your proposal.

Mike Stowe: Yeah, so I think... and correct me if I am wrong.

I had the privilege of... I think being runner-up for the Innovation Award at PHP Classes.

I think that's the first time you and I ever really communicated. I think I got that email saying: hey you know you're a runner up and you can claim a prize.

Which by the way another great reason to  contribute to .

And then I think over the years we just kind of stayed in  touch talking about different opportunities in the industry. And then about three years  ago I had the the privilege of taking over Nomad PHP for Cal Evans who you know is justly called  the GodFather of PHP.

Manuel Lemos: Cheers to Cal.

Mike Stowe: Yes, yeah a big shout out to Cal and to Cathy who does a lot of work as well in the PHP community.

Anyway, when Cal and Kathy created Nomad PHP, it was designed to be a way to bring developers  together who might not have a local meetup.

And one of the key focuses there was again growing  up in rural Minnesota where the closest speed was four hours away and I could afford to go to the  other conferences it was such a critical service to keep going. And thankfully and I'm so  grateful that you know Cal gave me the opportunity to continue building on this tremendous  legacy that he built with Nomad.

And so I think I bugged you a few times and said: hey I've  got this project. I've got some ideas and Manuel I really appreciate the business advice you've given  me, the different things we've talked about you know it's kind of your mentorship. And then yeah  sure enough I found out you're coming to the Bay Area for a conference.

Manuel Lemos: Yes, a Google conference.

Mike Stowe: And yes okay and I'm gonna say: this is gonna sound kind of crazy but I feel very, very lucky because  you know there have been several different people who had a tremendous impact on my life.

One of those is Larry Ullman. Larry Ullman wrote the book Quick Start to PHP. That was my first  PHP program book. That's how I got my start.

By the way, if you've never met Larry, if you've  had a chance to, Larry's one of the nicest guys ever meet. I have a story I'll tell Larry later  in a podcast, a different podcast about being humble and having humility but one of the  smartest, nicest, most genuine people I've ever met.

Big shout out to Larry. Another person I had a chance to meet was Davey Shafik who wrote the Zend PHP study guide. He actually critiques  my slides early on, which was a big moment for me because it helped me grow. Meeting Davey , again incredible because Davey is also such a great guy. And he does so  much. He was involved with PHP Women.

He was heavily involved in Engine Yard in  the days Engine Yard was active in the community.

He just did so much. And then of course, top  it all off here I am and I get the email that you're coming to town. And that's kind of trifecta because again you are one of the people that helped me growing. And being in this field  and much  like Larry and Davey, I don't think you knew it, but you were. And so, that's how we met and grateful.

And we had a great dinner, talked, a great chance to catch up. And I think that was just  the start of a you know a good friendship here.

Manuel Lemos: Yes and who knows more because the future  is ahead and I'm sure... I've studied a lot of psychologic profiles. And from what I gathered, you and I are compatible in business. So that means you could be partners. But in practice you  are already partners. We just didn't happen to launch something together because it took a lot  of time. So it was like 2 years and a half.

Things take so much time because if you want it to be well done... yes, it's a lot of details.

The Benefits of NomadPHP as a Community to Learn PHP (8m 35s)

Mike Stowe: Yeah. I am very excited. And I'll  just do a quick shout out if you don't mind, because I think you kind of alluded to it. 

One thing that's gonna be very exciting, and I'm gonna speak about nobody really quickly  and then I'll get the announcement because you know me, I can't just take the straightforward  answer.

Since taking over Nomad both Tanya and I have been very focused on trying to make  it again a place where any PHP developer can go be a part of the community and learn.

And so they start adding new things. So it's no longer just an online meetup where we have monthly talks.  Every month we have at least one if not two live talks from industry experts. So we talk about  learning from other people's mistakes.

They're sharing: here's what I did, here's how I did  it, and here's what you should do. And these include established authors, speakers, etc.. But we also  started streaming live PHP conferences.

This means that you can watch four to five PHP conferences  from around the world every year. And some of the conferences we've streamed  include the developer series, it includes MidWest PHP, Cascadia PHP, Dutch PHP, Dark Mirror PHP tour, CakeFest.

So there's different conferences you can stream and that's included  with your subscription. And then also a book library, so the ability to download books, read  books on demand and watch over 300 videos on PHP on demand to grow your skills.

So if you're  trying to learn about security training about APIs turning about performance. You  could take a look at that. And last professional PHP certification.

So if you're trying to you know really show that you've demonstrated a level of knowledge, we've tried to build an exam that is equivalent with other industry exams out there, is also included in your subscription.

Now the  exciting thing is that subscription will now be available through PHP Classes, through the  marketplace. So all those things i just mentioned you'll be able to access through PHP Classes  through the marketplace. Subscribe to Nomad PHP and you'll be able to take advantage of all those great resources.

I am very excited to to work with Manuel  and that and make those available because Nomad PHP is what I wish I had growing up.

I'll  be very honest. It's what I wish I had growing up.

Manuel Lemos: Yeah, yes, I think it has a lot of potential because one key point: it's about learning. And learning is the way to progress.

If you don't progress you get stuck back in the past. That's not a good  thing. The best thing is to move ahead and the learning is the best. And the part of the Nomad  PHP that matters is the technical part.

And it is very fortunate this meeting that  we had two or two and a half years ago but for reasons that may not be obvious  because you and I combine in several aspects.

Which means that the potential that  we have after this combination is yet unknown but I suspect it will be very good not just for me, just for you but the community as a whole because if we start with the name PHP Classes, which is just  a fortunate coincidence.

The meaning was that it was a place where people  could get classes about objects written in PHP.

However, the word classes in English is  ambiguous. It can also mean classes as in teaching.

And I have over time lots and lots of people  asking me for PHP courses. PHP courses here.

I am not even of the best people that could  be a teacher of PHP. What I can be is a mentor. But a mentor is not exactly a teacher.

Mentor is a somebody that provides guidance, helps other people taking good decisions, decisions  that may make a difference for their own life.

And I also didn't know that I could be a  mentor. I only realized that like in 2015 when somebody told me that... well you know those  motivational coaches. I was telling them well the coach doesn't solve much of the people's  problem.

The coach that is motivational, he just motivates the person in the moment. 10 days  after that big meeting and that big coach event that some people paid a lot of  money to attend, they lost motivation.

Why? Because the coach is not there anymore. The coach  is not there pushing. And that is the role of the coach is is to push, push, push, until you succeed.

When you succeed you can fly by yourself.

OK. So you need to launch. Launch what? Launch  whatever you are best at but you still don't know what you can do until you try it or  you'll learn from others what you can do.

This is probably going to be a topic  for a future podcast because it's about vocation.

I've been studying natural vocation. It's like a  few years ago and I realized that what you can be is way much more than you are today. Can be many  things. I know that Mike for instance can be a teacher.

I think he was already a teacher in practice but it's not just that.

Mike Stowe: I'm gonna stop you right there. I actually had the privilege  of teaching a freshman class of the high school. And I'm gonna say this for the high school  teachers: God bless you. You're amazing.

You do incredible work and I'm so grateful to have people  like you in this world because I couldn't.

Manuel Lemos:  yes, that is OK. But there is one area that is really  important that you can take a measure of which is business growth.

Business growth means: my business  is at this size, I have these customers, I don't get much after this but you can be a person that not  only gave the motivation but also the knowledge, the guidance, the advice, the ideas to move on so  you are already helping me to help others because...

What the PHP Classes Marketplace is Going to Be (15m 18s)

Manuel Lemos: I didn't think about the marketplace until you told  me. Sometimes the solution is under your nose.

I just returned from a supermarket which  is exactly a marketplace but for groceries and common things that you buy in supermarket.

Today the business owner, the founder, was there.

I wanted to talk with him but I didn't. I don't know him.

Probably it would be awkward and I was in a rush because  I wanted to get back to this podcast.

And the business owner is the example for the  others. And the others must follow. This is more complex than I'm telling you now.

Not everybody has the characteristics to be a great business owner. You need to have at least  one people that has determination. I realized that I have a determination.

That's why PHP Classes exist until today against the odds of those people that were in a bad mood and did not like PHP Classes to succeed. They wanted it to die.

It didn't. I'm sorry to disappoint you. But I still respect the people that disagree.

That means that sometimes you need to struggle against  the odds. There's a struggle against people that do not like you. Why they don't like you because  we are different and they think that we have to be like them and we don't have to be that.

What you have to be authentic. You have to be yourself.

You have to take yourself to the full  potential. So I'm sure that Mike will be a great business person. He already has  the right attitude. He's humble. He is honest. He's respectful. He's a lot of other things that  are important. I'm sure your wife agrees.

Mike Stowe: She is listening here. Please  take that to heart. That's it.

Mike Stowe: I appreciate that but I mean  that's really great advice for anybody because whether it's business, whether it's be working your way up as a developer no matter what you do in life, I just realized  this is now me being the old guy speaking, whatever you do in life like you're going  to have obstacles, you're going to have challenges.

And I hear people talk on Twitter and  say that they had a manager who didn't believe in them, or someone who didn't give them a chance.

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