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As you may be aware, today, June 8, is the 10th anniversary of PHP. I will not repeat what many have already said about the meaning of PHP for all of us that work, live and breathe PHP almost on a daily basis.

I will just drop you a pointer to this site that aggregates feeds to many blogs of PHP developers, in case you do not know it already. If you have a PHP related blog that is not listed here, feel free to submit to this site:

Many things have been developed in the PHP Classes site lately. So, I would like to take this opportunity to start a monthly habit to keep you upto date about the latest developments and how can you benefit from them.

This month I have just added support to trackback posts in blogs and content sites that point back to the site pages. In case you are not aware what are trackbacks, let me explain.

Most blog systems support a notification mechanism named trackback that allows people that write new blog posts to notify the sites that they link to in the posted articles.

This allows those sites (often also blog sites too), to keep track and list the relevant links to each article that is posted in other sites about their content.

Starting today it is also possible to keep track of posts done in other blogs about the classes, reviews and forum threads published in the PHP Classes site.

This means that if somebody posts in a blog about class published here, the site is ready to handle trackback notifications and will list all the pointing pages in a new section of the classes' pages named Trackback Links.

The idea is to provide additional resources about each class, review or forum thread, thus helping authors and users to get more valuable information about the classes and reviewed products of their interest.

I plan also to list the latest trackback posts in the site newsletter and probably also add the top blogs that trackback to this site in the Top 10 charts page.

The trackback requests will be moderated to prevent spamming. So, it may take a few hours after a trackback request is sent, before it gets listed in the site. Blog posts that contain criticism will be accepted as long as they are not offensive to the authors or anybody else.

An author that does not like a certain trackback link to be listed in the page of his class, he will be able to delist that link.

The site supports both the trackback and pingback protocols which are different protocols for the same purpose and are widely supported by many blogs.

Each page that supports trackback also provides auto-discovery information, so blogs can automatically figure how to send trackback pings to the PHP Classes site just by putting the links to the site pages in the blog posts.

Auto-discovery may work only with a few blog systems. Currently it was confirmed to work well with WordPress, but it should also work with Serendipity and MovableType. If you use any other blog or content system that supports trackbacks, please let me know so I can add support to it too.

If you use a blog system that cannot use auto-discovery, you can copy and paste the trackback URL that appears in the site pages that support trackback pings, so you can enter the trackback URL in your blog posting pages.

If you are a developer of a blog or content management system and you want to also support trackbacks, I suggest you read the specifications in these pages. Feel free to contact me via the e-mail in case you would like some help. ...

Manuel Lemos

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