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Title: Lan Times Guide to SQL

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Lan Times Guide to SQL


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James R. Groff
Paul N. Weinberg



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May 1994



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July 14, 2002
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
SQL is standard that is already part of the set of standards that will most likely last forever. It was conceived a long time ago way before the Web became popular.

After SQL other database programming approaches came along like Object Oriented databases and XML based databases but none of these have demonstrated to be compelling enough to turn SQL into an absolete standard.

The reason for this is that the database programming industry embraced SQL a long time ago and the number of products based on SQL make it a standard that it would not be worthy to drop.

As a matter of fact, the need for persistent storage for multi-user applications to support Web programming conviniently, have reinforced the popularity of SQL as a database programming standard de facto.

Despite of this, SQL did not evolve radically after it was embraced as key standard for Web programming. Many new SQL based products appeared since the early Web days but they rely mostly on the same SQL standard.

The most noticeable differences between such products are some extensions that while they provide enhancements in certain aspects of database programming, they tie the developers to those products as there is no widely accepted standard for such extensions. Still, every database application developer relies on the same SQL standard.

There have been many books on SQL, but from all that I have read, Lan Times Guide to SQL is an "oldie but goodie" book that covers all that matters about SQL based database programming.

The fact that it is not a recent book did not make it loose its value precisely because it addresses all the aspects of SQL based programming that have not changed through time since it was release.

Among many other things, it addresses all types of query joins, summary queries, subqueries, referential integrity, triggers, transactions and isolation levels, database schema creation, views, database access privileges, database schema metadata, embedded and dynamic SQL, cursors, common SQL APIs, database replication and distributed transactions.

This book is recommended to anybody looking for a good book that covers well the SQL standard, whether you are using SQL for Web programming or not. Since it is not tied to a specific database vendor, the book is especially recommended to those that are willing to develop database independent applications or at least applications that will require minimal adjustments to run under different types of SQL based databases.
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