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Accented characters

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Subject:Accented characters
Summary:They become strange characters
Date:2008-02-22 15:57:30


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Picture of Wonderm00n Wonderm00n - 2008-02-22 15:57:30
In the zip file all directories/files names the accented get replace by some strange ones.

"04 Actas de Reunião" -> "04 Actas de ReuniÒo"
"08 Estudo Prévio" -> "08 Estudo PrÚvio"
"10 Projecto de Execução" -> "10 Projecto de ExecuþÒo"
"Comunicações" -> "Comunicaþ§es"
"Estudo geológico" -> "Estudo geol¾gico"

Any ideas on how to fix this (other than str_replace one by one)?