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<?php $crypt = new pcrypt(MODE_ECB, "BLOWFISH", "abcd"); $arc...

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Subject:<?php $crypt = new pcrypt(MODE_ECB,...
Summary:Package rating comment
Author:stipe kljucic
Date:2008-10-23 11:49:58

stipe kljucic rated this package as follows:

Utility: Not sure
Consistency: Not sure
Documentation: Not sure
Examples: Not sure

  1. <?php $crypt = new pcrypt(MODE_ECB,...   Reply   Report abuse  
Picture of stipe kljucic stipe kljucic - 2008-10-23 11:49:59
$crypt = new pcrypt(MODE_ECB, "BLOWFISH", "abcd");
$archive = file_get_contents("/home/archive.gz");
$cyphertext = $crypt->encrypt($archive);
$opentext = $cyphertext->decrypt($cyphertext);
file_put_contents("/home/new_archive.gz", $opentext);
gunzip /home/new_archive.gz
gzip: archive.gz: invalid compressed data--format violated

maybe I doing something wrong ??