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Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Application Change Log
Class: phpcoder
Web Based Interface to Turck PHP Encoder/Compiler
Author: By
Last change: This release is updated for PHP 4.3.8 and MMCache 2.4.7, corrects errors reported by XDebug, now outputs W3C- compliant HTML/CSS, adds tool tips, adds a plain text help document, and is tested on Mozilla 1.6, Firefox 0.8, and IE 6.

Date: 19 years ago
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1.4 * Gary Harris <> 21/8/04. * Updated for PHP 4.3.8 and MMCache 2.4.7. * Tested in Mozilla 1.6b, Firefox 0.8 and IE 6.0 on WinXP. * Updated all links. * Corrected errors that generated XDebug output including array and variable initialisation and flushing a non-existent buffer. (Partly dealt with in latest CVS version). * Added tooltips to all controls via the "title" entity. * Added help and date and time format links. * Corrected some spelling errors and improved text output formatting. * Created plain text version of help in readme.txt. * Output is now W3C and WDG HTML 4.01 and CSS compliant. * Removed space that seemed unnecessary and made the form longer than it needed to be. * Changed "Copied non-source files" message to file-specific message. * Widened file path text areas. 1.03 * Encoding results are now displayed at the top of the screen * Added skip extensions, files with certain extensions will not be encoded * Removed remaining realpath() calls from index.php for portability * index.php: $possibe_extensions is now always unset even in the event that explode does not return an array. 1.02 First public release after 1.00 * You can now provide absolute expiration date by typing in the date (using php's strtotime format) or using the elapsed time drop down. * Scripts can now be locked to multiple visitor ips, server ips, and server names by entering a comma seperated list of ip addresses * Applied patch from Dmitry Stogov, removed realpath and better checks for output buffering support, fixes to _MkDir * PHPCoder table is now centered 1.01 * Loader code now loads instead of * Now use CSS for most of the HTML formatting * Introduced some color into the HTML formatting :) * Improved error handling of PHPCoder, PHP error messages not displayed when encoding fails * PHPCoder now verifies subdirectories and the source directory are writable instead of just the source directory * Changed instructions to use chmod 777, 666 causes PHPCoder to fail to encode files on some platforms 1.00 Initial Release