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File: app/Resources/i18n/en_US/Global.json

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File: app/Resources/i18n/en_US/Global.json
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: KennerPIM
Product information management application
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Date: 1 year ago
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{ "navMenuDelimiters": { "_delimiter_377f478e": "Attribute", "_delimiter_393f8383": "Product", "_delimiter_9707ec0a": "Price", "_delimiter_8d96610c": "Import", "_delimiter_0e884d8b": "Export", "Attribute": "Attribute", "Product": "Product", "Import": "Import" }, "scopeNames": { "Association": "Association", "AssociatedProduct": "Associated Product", "Attribute": "Attribute", "AttributeGroup": "Attribute Group", "Brand": "Brand", "Catalog": "Catalog", "Category": "Category", "Channel": "Channel", "Country": "Country", "MeasuringUnit": "Measuring Unit", "Packaging": "Packaging", "Product": "Product", "ProductAttributeValue": "Product Attribute Value", "ProductFamily": "Product Family", "ProductPrice": "Product Price", "Tax": "Tax", "ProductSerie": "Product Serie", "ProductFamilyAttribute": "Product Family Attribute" }, "scopeNamesPlural": { "Association": "Associations", "AssociatedProduct": "Associated Products", "Attribute": "Attributes", "AttributeGroup": "Attribute Groups", "Brand": "Brands", "Catalog": "Catalogs", "Category": "Categories", "Channel": "Channels", "Country": "Countries", "MeasuringUnit": "Measuring Units", "Packaging": "Packagings", "Product": "Products", "ProductAttributeValue": "Product Attribute Value", "ProductFamily": "Product Families", "ProductPrice": "Product Prices", "Tax": "Taxes", "ProductSerie": "Product Series", "ProductFamilyAttribute": "Product Family Attributes" }, "options": { "channelsFilter": { "": "All Scopes", "onlyGlobalScope": "Only Global Scope" }, "scope": { "Global": "Global", "Channel": "Channel" } }, "fields": { "productFamily": "Product Family", "productStatus": "Product Status", "oneGeoType": "OneGeo Type", "priceCurrency": "Price Currency", "price": "Price", "sku": "SKU", "tax": "Tax", "ean": "EAN", "uvp": "UVP", "tag": "Tag", "amount": "Amount", "mpn": "MPN", "productSerie": "Product Serie", "channels": "Channels", "scope": "Scope", "role": "Role" }, "labels": { "Add Field": "Add Filter", "removeExplain": "Select this to unlink attribute from other Entities before removing", "removeHint": "When removing the Catalog, the Products belonging to it are deleted.", "Category Preview": "Category Preview", "Product Preview": "Product Preview" }, "dashlets": { "GeneralStatistics": "General Statistics", "Channels": "Channels", "ProductsByStatus": "Products by Status", "ProductTypes": "Product Types", "ProductsByTag": "Products by Tag", "ProductStatusOverview": "Product Status Overview" }, "exceptions": { "Only force deleting available": "Only force deleting available", "Code is invalid": "Code is invalid. Code should be unique. Only letters, numbers and char \"_\" expected." }, "messages": { "fieldHasPattern": "{field} should contain only underscore, numbers and alphabets in lower case" } }