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Class: PHP Brute Force Protection
Protect pages access against brute force attacks
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    composer require rmanara/brutalforce

Brute-Force method is used from many hackers but the <b>brutalforce</b> will help you void this problem by check the client IP and will count how many request in less than a 2 seconds how many request was done. Automaticly a file will be create and saved that ip and will save for futures request.

It is very simple setup and can be used in any frameworks.

very simple setup

$firewall = new BrutalForce\Firewall\Firewall(__DIR__, "sitekey", "secret");

specify type of handler


check if the firewall is locked

if ($firewall->isLocked()) {
    // here you check the recaptcha is already able to display
    if ($firewall->verify()->recaptcha['valid'] == false) {
        echo "<form method='post' action=''>";
        // diplay message 
        echo $firewall->verify()->recaptcha['form_message'];
        // show input
        echo $firewall->verify()->recaptcha['form'];
        echo "<button>send</button></form>";
    } else {
        echo $firewall->verify()->recaptcha['form_message']; PHP_EOL;
} else {
    echo "free to go" . PHP_EOL;

Reset the lock completely to original

by doing this the cound down will start from zero and the recaptcha will be called again from the last 3 counts



  • found issue on setup the file and folder to holder the ip


  • add new method to reset lock
  • remove setup file on handler
  • add request uri so the full url is recored and can be redirect to it if is need to