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9 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Out On Picking a Cross Browser Testing Tool Online in 2019

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Cross browser testing is important to help Web developers finding problems that make their sites not work well or at least look different for users accessing the sites with different browsers.

Read this article to learn more about cross browser testing and many reasons you should be doing this kind of testing to make your sites look consist for all your sites' users.

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What Are Cross Browser Testing Tools and Why They Are Important in 2019?

Cross Browser Testing Tools it is a type of software that allows testing if Web sites work well when they are accessed using different browsers.

Various people are talking about cross browser testing nowadays. The way cross browser testing has evolved over the past few years is in itself a story for some other time. But the advantages that cross browser testing offers, are tremendous.

We all know that cross browser testing is important, actually very important. Still there lies some confusion that sometimes leads to people in a dilemma whether they should invest their time and efforts in cross browser testing or not.

Some may end up not performing cross browser testing, hence suffering a big time while others take a wise decision and end up saving a lot of sufferings.

But the question still lies in the way for the people who are somehow confused about the importance of cross browser testing and end up avoiding it or saving it for another time. Well, in this article I will be discussing about how cross browser testing is really important for your business and why you should not miss out on it.

Reasons To Perform Cross Browser Testing and Using an Online Web Browser Emulator

1. It Helps You To Take care of Major Section of the Population

When you develop a Web site or a web application, what is your major aim?

Well, mine would be to reach a wider audience, make my Web site accessible to all the users, attract a large section of users, and earn money!

If this resonates with your answer, then I guess the coming section is going to interest you.

So, when you develop a Web site with a common aim, the major section of the society interact with your Web site. But the major challenge here will be to reach everyone the same way as intended.

As various users might be using various platforms like Mobile, Desktop, Tablet having different browsers, different operating systems, and different configurations so you need to be sure that everyone, irrespective of the device and browser used will be easily able to use and access your Web site.

There are various cross browser testing tools available in the market that helps you in performing cross browser testing very easily on the platform provided. You can use a tool such as LambdaTest as per your need to test on different browsers. These cross browser testing tools provide you a wide range of browsers to test upon.

2. It will improve your User Experience

If you will be able to provide everyone the same experience, it surely will help you to provide a better user experience to your users.

The other aim of cross browser testing is to make sure all the elements of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are rendered the same across all the browsers.

Just imagine a case, you have checked your Web site across Chrome and Firefox and you find it pretty useful and seamless across the same.

The same time, some other user used Safari to access it and found out that the registration form you've put up on your Web site is not letting the user to click on the "Sign Up Now" button.

This has led to a bad user experience for the user and the loss of a potential customer for you. Hence, cross browser testing to ensure your experience on all platforms is a must for your business.

3. Gives a boost to your sales

Better user experience means more sales! And that is yet another main reason for performing cross browser testing.

Where the major aim of any business is to get more sales, cross browser testing if not done or the Web site is made cross browser incompatible, it can be a major blocker.

Let me explain you a case here to understand this better. Few days back a friend of mine received an email that their client is unable to make payment on the Web site. My friend did a check on the process thoroughly and figured out that the payment method was working fine.

She emailed the client to please try it again and make the payment. The client re-tried and informed her again that she is not able to process the same. My friend asked her to come on a call. After seeing the screen, she was shocked, the whole payment page was broken and the checkout was not even working. The catch here is, the client was using Internet Explorer as her organization limits them to just IE and my friend was checking the same on Firefox.

Just imagine, how many people must have tried the same and failed thus giving another competitor a chance. That is the major role of cross browser testing in conversions and sales. Cross browser testing is as important as developing the Web site itself.

4. Helps to decrease your Bounce rates

Cross browser incompatibility also leads to increased bounce rates. If a Web site is incompatible with some device, users will immediately go back and will not stay on the page hence leading to increased bounce rates. It is always advisable to monitor your bounce rate on every device. It is not necessary the reason may be cross browser incompatibility but it is one the major possibilities.

If your Web site is not responsive, it also leads to increased bounce rates hence you need to test it for responsiveness across all mobile devices. Responsiveness also comes as a major part of cross browser testing in which you test your Web site across all mobile devices and screen sizes to ensure that the Web site adjusts according to various screen sizes.

You can use tools like LambdaTest to test your Web site for responsiveness across various devices of different screen sizes.

5. Seamless experience on all browsers

Making a Web site cross browser compatible and hence performing cross browser testing to ensure the browser compatibility also leads to a seamless experience of the users across all the browsers and devices.

By performing cross browser testing and making a cross browser compatible Web site, you make sure that all your users, irrespective of the device or browser used are getting a seamless browser experience.

6. Helps in SEO

Well, you read it right! A cross browser compatible Web site also helps you rank better on Google. If you're unaware of Google's Mobile First algorithm, let me brief it for you.

As per Google, if your Web site is mobile friendly, it will help you rank above other Web sites which are not and thus helps you in SEO. As mobile friendly Web sites have comparatively less bounce rates, so this helps in two ways.

7. Happier customers

Better user experience means happier customer and happier customer means more sales and more revenue.

So it all comes down to the major aim of having a business and a Web site. Cross browser testing is one of the key factors of having happier customers and more business.

While cross browser testing is a major pain for QA and testers as they have to repeat the same process of testing, following the same test cases in all browsers and devices, yet if it brings you happy customers then it is totally worth it.

You should take help of your analytics to see which devices are your users using to open your Web site and make sure that the Web site should work flawlessly on all those browsers.

Doesn't mean that you'll avoid the other browsers. You need to make a cross browser testing strategy and work according to that.

8. Easy accessibility to all users

While testing for cross browser compatibility across all browsers, you also need to make sure that the Web site is easily accessible to all the sections of the society.

There are certain small interactions like Tab Button to change the fields, Enter to select a category or to eliminate the mouse click which when working cross browser leads to improved accessibility and a better experience.

Also, when we talk about cross browser compatibility for a major section of population, we should also take care of the differently abled people.

For example, you have performed cross browser testing on multiple browsers but when someone with visual impairment came across the same and used screen reader for the same and you fail to address him, you have again lost a some potential leads. Hence, you should also count on accessibility while performing cross browser testing of your Web site.

9. Do not let you leave anyone behind

This is yet another importance of make a cross browser testing strategy and performing cross browser testing. There are many organizations who have browser limitations and don't provide the flexibility to use any browser of choice or lets you upgrade the browser version.

For them cross browser incompatibility is a nightmare. When you perform cross browser testing, it is yet another major factor that you consider. So, by making a cross browser compatible Web sites with troublesome browsers like Internet explorer and some older versions which are used in some organizations, you make sure that you do not leave anyone behind!

Well, these were some but really important factors why cross browser testing is important and why you should not miss out on cross browser testing.

If you miss to perform cross browser testing, there are various ways in which you can suffer and would never know about it. So, it's time you decide "Is Cross Browser Testing really important or not?"

Find the Best Cross Browser Testing Tools of 2019

There are several cross browser testing tools out there.LambdaTest is certainly one of the most interesting. But the best thing you should do is to try it for yourself and compare with others. LambdaTest has a free version that you can try and evaluate without having to pay. Go ahead a try it yourself.

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