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OSCON is one of the most traditional Open Source conferences that O'Reilly organizes since many years ago.

The Europe edition will take place in Amsterdam on October 26 through 28 and it includes great talks from well known speakers of the PHP and JavaScript community.

Read this article to learn more about the event, as well a special low cost pass that includes access to some technical sessions, the Sponsor Pavillion access and Ignite talks.

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What is OSCON?

Interesting OSCON Talks

Special Pavilion Plus Pass

Other Events of Interest for PHP Developers

What is OSCON?

O'Reilly is well known for its long time support to the Open Source community.

I still remember the first international conference that I attended as a speaker was OSCON 2001 in San Diego, United States, where I met several well know figures of the PHP community at the time.

Actually O'Reilly is one of the first sponsors of the PHP and JavaScript Innovation Awards since 2004 provide nice book prizes that are often the favorites picked by the winners.

O'Reilly OSCON

Interesting OSCON Talks

Nowadays, O'Reilly also organizes an OSCON edition in Europe, this time in Amsterdam, packed with very interesting talks and tutorials, including some nice ones on PHP and JavaScript. Here are a few that are worth attending:

Lorna Mitchell (LornaJane), @lornajane

Tutorial: Git and GitHub collaboration fundamentals
Session: What to expect from PHP 7

Adam Harvey (New Relic), @LGnome

Session: 5 non-cryptographic hash functions enter. One hash function leaves

Marek Jelen (Red Hat), @marek_jelen

Session: Deploy your applications to the cloud using containers

Rafael Dohms (AmsterdamPHP), @rdohms

Session: Writing code that lasts… or writing code you won’t hate tomorrow

Douglas Crockford (PayPal)

Douglas Crockford is best known for having discovered that there are good parts in JavaScript – an important and unexpected discovery.

Keynote: The Seif Project
Session: The Seif Project Deeper Dive

Peter Cooper (Cooper Press), @peterc

Peter Cooper is the founder of Cooper Press, the editor of several weekly newsletters such as JavaScript Weekly and HTML5 Weekly, and co-chair of both O’Reilly Fluent and OSCON Europe.

Keynote: Welcome Keynote

Special Pavilion Plus Pass

OSCON is a great event to attend but if you have a limited budget, O'Reilly is making special pass available at quite an affordable price.

With this pass you visit the Sponsor Pavilion, attend to 2 technical sessions, attend to the Sponsor Pavilion reception, attend to many interesting Ignite talks.

Just go here to learn how you can register to attend to the event as a whole or just the use the Pavillion Plus pass.

Other Events of Interest for PHP Developers

If you are organizing an event of interest of the PHP community and you would like to to get some exposure, just contact the site to learn how you can expose your event.

Event posts like this that are exposed in the PHP Classes blog are currently notified by email to over 340,000 registered users.

Posting event notices here is free for individuals or PHP user groups organizing talks or training sessions, as well for sponsors of the PHP Classes site like O'Reilly. Just contact the site for more details.

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