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New contest: Top class reviewers may win valuable prizes

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As I mentioned in the last announcement newsletter that I sent, starting this month there is a new contest. It will award interesting prizes to the users of the PHP Classes site that review and rate classes contributed by the authors.

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When you review and rate a class contributed to the site, you are providing useful feedback to both the authors and the other users.

To the authors you may hint them whether they need to improve their contributions or keep contributing with classes that satisfy important quality criteria such as utility, consistency, documentation, examples and test suite scripts.

To the other users you may help them finding which are the most appreciated classes for each purpose and avoid the need to evaluate too many classes to find what they need.

However, I realized that not many users were being encouraged to take time to review and rate the contributed classes.

Therefore, I decided to provide further encouragement for all the users to also contribute to the site by rating as many classes as possible.

The idea is to organize a contest that starts this month and will be repeated every month. It will award interesting prizes to the users that make the greatest effort to rate the contributed classes.

Once again the contest is organized in cooperation with the site that is in charge of securing interesting prizes provided by sponsors. The prizes to be awarded this month are listed in the page below. Over time, the list of prizes will tend to increase. Before the end of this month, more prizes may be added later.

To enter the contest you need to:

1. Login the PHP Classes site and go to the user options page to select the option that you want to enter in contests like this organized by the site with trusted partners like

This is necessary to let the site know who you are in case you win a prize.

Rest assured that neither the PHP Classes nor will share any personal information (not even your e-mail address) with anybody else other than listing your name in the top reviewers charts. ...

Your country of origin will also be listed so community may know from where are the top class reviewers. If you prefer to not disclose your country of origin in case you reach the top class reviewers ranking, just go on the user options page and clear the country field (value -).

2. Download, review and rate all the classes that you try in the class ratings page. You can rate any classes any time, including those downloaded in the past before the current month. You may also review your ratings later if you change your mind or if the class was updated.

Note that for the contest, only classes that are rated sensibly will be considered. This means that you should not just submit arbitrary ratings because the site will automatically detect and discard ratings that are disparate.

Also do not try to match the current class ratings average as these may be based on ratings that will be discarded later before the prizes are awarded.

Just take your time to review the classes and submit honest ratings that really reflect your evaluation.

That should be easy, so lets start rating! :-)

The will only list the top class reviewers that participate in the contest in the current month.

If you want to see what is your current reviewer ranking position of all time or just for the current month, whether or not you choose to participate in the contest, just login the PHP Classes site and go to the home page:

One final note for potential contest sponsors: if you are company that is interested to participate by providing additional prizes of value to the PHP users, just contact me at or the organization at info at .

Happy contesting!

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