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As you may be aware, recently we restarted recording new episodes of the lately in PHP podcast.

Now we want to make it better with your help. Therefore we need that you collaborate by filling a very small survey on which you tell us what questions do you have about PHP and related topics that you would like us to answer, so you can learn what you need to know to be a more successful PHP developer.

Read this small article with an explanation on how you can participate in this small survey.

Loaded Article

Why You Can Benefit of a Better PHP Podcast

The Lately in PHP podcast was started many years ago. Its goal was to keep you upto date with the latest happenings in the PHP world. However, the format was not ideal. The episodes were too long and they were presented as full length videos or audio recordings, sometimes with over 1 hour of length.

We understand that many people does not have the patience to listen or watch or listen to recordings of such a long duration.

Therefore we decided we got good advice to cut long episodes in smaller parts of not more than 15 minutes that cover just one topic on each part.

This way we hope that more people will want to listen to the podcast and learn from what we share. That is the main benefit of the current podcast format.

What We Can Do to Make the Podcast Better

Basically we want to adapt to whatever is what you desire that this podcast can be. This means that you need to tell us.

So we got advice from a specialist that recommends that we answer questions that you may have about PHP and related topics.

How You Can Help to Make The Podcast Better

All you need to do is to answer a short survey to tell us about the questions you want us to answer, as well vote on questions that others suggested to so we can decide which questions we will answer first.

Then will record small podcast videos answering those questions.

You can answer to that survey in two ways.

1. If you are a Facebook user, you can visit the PHP Facebook group and answer the survey in this page. You can also view some of the questions suggested by others for you to vote.

Facebook PHP group survey post

2. If you prefer to use an alternative to using Facebook, you can also fill this survey in Google Forms.

Google Forms survey page

For now that is it. Thank you in advance for your collaboration to help us all make the PHP community even better.

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