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Empty sheets!

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Subject:Empty sheets!
Summary:Problem with empty sheets.
Author:Anders Wallin
Date:2011-03-27 08:30:47
Update:2011-03-27 09:19:00

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Picture of Anders Wallin Anders Wallin - 2011-03-27 08:30:47

Great work with Simple XLSX! I have some problems though. If I try to
open an empty sheet then the class gives the following error:
"Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Invalid
cell index.' in C:\wamp\www\ simplexlsx\simplexlsx.class.php:118 Stack
trace: #0 C:\wamp\www\simplexlsx\simplexlsx.class.php(60):
SimpleXLSX->_columnIndex(NULL) #1
SimpleXLSX->dimension(3) #2 {main} thrown in
C:\wamp\www\simplexlsx\simplexlsx.class.php on line 118"

Could you please help me with a snippet of code that would report
empty sheet or something similar? I'm working with example 2 and
adapting it to my needs. My knowledge of php is still limited. I would
appreciate any help.

Best regards!
Anders Wallin

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Picture of Sergey Shuchkin Sergey Shuchkin - 2011-03-27 09:19:00 - In reply to message 1 from Anders Wallin
check $xlsx->sheetsCount() before out sheet 3,4