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Subject:Database Access Routines
Summary:Does anyone have any database access scripts for b-forms
Author:John Munn
Date:2005-11-26 23:30:53
Update:2005-11-28 07:16:25


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Picture of John  Munn John Munn - 2005-11-26 23:30:53
I've integrated b-forms into a site I'm working on, however I still need to setup the datase access routines, has anyone already done this?

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Picture of alexei peterkin alexei peterkin - 2005-11-28 07:16:25 - In reply to message 1 from John Munn
Hi John,

Actually, the latest version of this package includes built-in MySQL support. The only reason why I don't post it here, is that I don't have time to write documentation.

If you want, I can send you this latest version along with a few examples. The latest version also has a web-based IDE (not very advanced, but saves a lot of typing).

-- Alexei