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Great Google Maps Alternative Article!

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Subject:Great Google Maps Alternative Article!
Summary:Filled with detail and example code to start immediately
Date:2015-05-27 11:42:21
Update:2015-05-27 19:08:15

  1. Great Google Maps Alternative Article!   Reply   Report abuse  
Picture of Steve Steve - 2015-05-27 18:48:47
Thanks for the great article (more like a tutorial!) on this Google Maps alternative!

With the code examples and very clear explanation, it is sure to help many people learn more about mapping - I know it has helped me!

I'm in a project right now that requires mapping and I've been struggling with Google licensing issues myself and looking for an alternative. A portion of the project has been done with maphilight (for static maps), though the geolocation stuff has been a challenge and not yet complete.

Certainly we will look through these very detailed examples and pick up some methods to create our Google Maps alternative maps!

Because of the timeliness of this article, it may be that we rewrite all the current mapping to use this method instead of maphilight.

Perfect timing and great detail - THANK YOU!

  2. Re: Great Google Maps Alternative Article!   Reply   Report abuse  
Picture of Ashraf Gheith Ashraf Gheith - 2015-05-27 19:08:15 - In reply to message 1 from Steve
Thank you for support :)
I am planing to write a sequel for it soon. Keep visiting phpclasses for more :)