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Such a Great article of PHP7!!!

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Subject:Such a Great article of PHP7!!!
Summary:Thanks for your article,really.
Date:2014-09-04 08:33:40
Update:2014-09-04 10:24:46

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Picture of cheneyxu cheneyxu - 2014-09-04 10:24:46
After I read this article,my first thought was it finally has a article which talk about PHP7.I have been searched for a long time to find the message about the next version of PHP.But I failed until today.

I am a super fans of PHP,I do like PHP.I have been waiting for PHP6 for years.But when I know that PHP6 was dead,I feel bad.

Now,because of the PHP 7 is coming soon,I do feel happy and exciting.I hope in PHP 7, the Naming Conventions could be unified!

At the end,I feel sorry for my horriable english grammer.

Thanks for reading~