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Subject:Right to the point
Summary:This has explained the myth why I find it hard to work remotely
Author:Tran Van Hoang
Date:2011-11-30 16:17:34
Update:2011-12-01 06:31:48

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Picture of Tran Van Hoang Tran Van Hoang - 2011-11-30 19:34:41
Thanks a lot Manuel,

This article has somewhat explained why I've been finding it so darn hard to find some quality remote work. I consider myself pretty badass PHP developer, having developed a social network from groundup myself, among a few other projects. Sometimes I want to work remotely, be part of some cool projects and get a good pay. I don't really want to go to some freelancers site and start bidding for those small projects, competing with ridiculously low bidding prices to build up credit/karma.

I am living in Vietnam and there was a time I subscribed to Premium account on phpclasses, just to see the details of some of the seemingly pretty cool job postings. Yet most of the jobs posted here require candidates from the US or Europe only. And so I canceled my premium account, after a few months seeing no results for me. Sad but true

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2011-12-01 06:31:48 - In reply to message 1 from Tran Van Hoang
Good point, those sites on which developers have to bid the lowest value they would charge are not the right place find talented developers.

It is not that you will not find talented developers there, it is more the problem that most developers there only accept very low bids because they are desperate for the money, no matter the qualifications that a job requires.

So in the end the winning bid tends to be the cheapest developer, which is often the least qualified.

As for the offer of remote jobs, unfortunately that most of them are from the United States. Very few accept candidates from other countries. That is part of the reason why I decided to write this article.

Hopefully we may start seeing more jobs for candidates around the world.