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Great article thanks!

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Subject:Great article thanks!
Summary:Let me start by saying thanks
Author:Tom Manning
Date:2010-03-10 09:28:11
Update:2010-03-10 16:36:03

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Picture of Tom Manning Tom Manning - 2010-03-10 16:36:03

Let me start by saying thanks, I read the article last night, always had an interest in neural nets but never got to play.

As a test I made a TicTacToe AI which I trained for a little while, it uses js/ajax for the front end so feel free to have a look at the source, any feedback would be appreciated.

When I first trained it was definitely getting alot smarter now it seems when I train its still a little confused and might forget other moves.

I'm guessing I need to let play itself for a while. Is there a way I can teach it incorrect moves?