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Can be more specific

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Subject:Can be more specific
Summary:Some comments
Author:Mario Carrocera
Date:2021-05-20 17:14:46
Update:2021-05-22 23:21:02

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Picture of Mario Carrocera Mario Carrocera - 2021-05-20 17:15:59
Hello Manuel, i have some questions.

when u say

A popular PHP library is a package of PHP components that is useful to many other developers.

Which will be the measure, downloads, liked like dependency? or how.

A "library" must have some specific characteristic, or could Be any Class?

Best Regards

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2021-05-22 23:21:02 - In reply to message 1 from Mario Carrocera
Hello Mario,

Thank you for asking.

A package is what you have been submitting to the site to share your code. Basically, it is a set of files that any developer can use to perform some useful function using classes of objects written in PHP.

So a package usually includes one or more PHP class scripts or traits. It may also contain example scripts, documentation, and any other type of data files that may be necessary to use the classes.

The site measures the package popularity by counting only the number of logged users who access the class files by either viewing the class files, downloading the package archives, or installing the PHP Composer tool.