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It's just a service wrapper

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Subject:It's just a service wrapper
Summary:It's just a service wrapper
Author:Igor Blanco
Date:2009-10-08 14:15:01
Update:2009-10-09 03:59:07

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Picture of Igor Blanco Igor Blanco - 2009-10-08 19:09:45
Well this article does not mention it but it turns that livedocx is a web service and phpLiveDocs is just a easy wrapper to use the service.

Would you trust your confidential data to a external service? If converting documents was critical for you wouldn't you rather control all the process?

There is nothing bad with this approach but it should be made clear as it limits much the use case for this library.

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Picture of Jonathan Maron Jonathan Maron - 2009-10-09 03:59:07 - In reply to message 1 from Igor Blanco
Hello Igor

Zend_Services_LiveDocx is a PHP 5 implementation of the backend service LiveDocx for the Zend Framework. The family of components relies on the backend service in order to perform its work. Indeed, all data that is sent to LiveDocx travels over an encrypted (SSL) connection to the LiveDocx server.

In the case that you wish to process documents that contain private and/or confidential data, it is possible to purchase a license from LiveDocx and run a LiveDocx server in your own local network. This has 2 advantages:

1. Private data no longer leaves your own network.
2. The number of documents that can be generated per hour increases.

With a local LiveDocx server, you are able to control the entire document generation process.

Best regards